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Label-free fluorescent sensing of protease activity
­Summary The current technology offers advantages over existing protease probes, with lower background noise, simplified label-free synthesis, compatibility with any protease of interest and utility for translational research and clinical diagnostics. Technology Overview Dysregulated proteolytic activity is linked to many human diseases, including...
Published: 1/18/2023   |   Inventor(s): Adem Yildirim, Bruce Branchaud, Justin Plaut, Srivathsan Ranganathan, Sean Speese, Corey Dambacher, Sarah Barnhill, Emma Olson
Keywords(s): Diagnostics, Imaging, Imaging - Other, Research Tools
Category(s): Imaging, Research Tools, Diagnostics
Spatially-resolved transcriptomics with enhanced capture and versatility
Summary An improved platform for spatial transcriptomics, which could be mass produced and would allow for overall increased detection of transcripts, including for lower-expressed sequences. Technology Overview Spatial transcriptomics allows for the measurement of gene activity within a sample while mapping where that activity is occurring; however,...
Published: 12/6/2022   |   Inventor(s): Yu-Jui (Roger) Chiu, Fehmi Civitci, Eugene Tu
Keywords(s): Next Generation Sequencing, Research Tools
Category(s): Research Tools
AB Zebrafish Line
University of Oregon Researchers: George Streisinger, Zoltan Varga, Charles Kimmel, Judith Eisen AB Zebrafish Line. Summary of Our Technology: The AB line is derived from two lines, A and B, purchased by Streisinger at different times from a pet shop in Albany, Oregon. The original A and B lines probably originated from a hatchery in Florida. Haploid...
Published: 6/10/2022   |   Inventor(s): George Streisinger, Charles Kimmel, Judith Eisen, Zoltan Varga
Category(s): Veterinary Science, Research Tools
absolute Zebrafish Line
University of Oregon Researchers: David Lains, Zoltan Varga absolute Zebrafish Line. Summary of Our Technology: The absolute line is a cross between two recessive, non-lethal mutations: mitfab692(nacre) and ednrb1ab140 (rose). The result is a transparent zebrafish line that allows observation of organs, as well as fluorescent reporter gene products,...
Published: 6/10/2022   |   Inventor(s): David Lains, Zoltan Varga
Category(s): Agricultural, Research Tools, Veterinary Science
Device and method for creating Gaussian electron beams
University of Oregon Researchers: Benjamin McMorran Patent: 9,240,255 issued 1/19/2016 (UO-13-07) Device and Method for Creating Gaussian Electron Beams. Technology Background/Definition of Problem: Electron beams used in instrumentation such as scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, microprobes, etc. exhibit numerous...
Published: 6/10/2022   |   Inventor(s): Benjamin McMorran
Category(s): Engineering, Imaging, Materials Science, Nanoscience & Microtechnologies, Physical Science, Research Tools
Maize Seeds with Mu Insertions
University of Oregon Researchers: Alice Barkan, Rosalind Williams-Carrier, Susan Belcher, Nicholas Stiffler Maize Seeds with Mu Insertions. Description of Innovation: High-copy transposons have been effectively exploited as mutagens in a variety of organisms. However, their utility for phenotype-driven forward genetics has been hampered by the difficulty...
Published: 6/10/2022   |   Inventor(s): Alice Barkan, Rosalind Williams-Carrier, Susan Belcher, Nicholas Stiffler
Category(s): Agricultural, Research Tools
TARDIS Genetic Data Compression
­Technology ID: UO-20-020 Researchers: Zach Stevenson, Stephen Banse, Patrick Philips The TARDIS technology is a high-throughput genetic engineering method for complex multi-cellular organisms. Technology Background: A fundamental tool in molecular biology is the generation of transgenic individuals which have foreign DNA integrated into their...
Published: 6/6/2022   |   Inventor(s): Zachary Stevenson, Stephen Banse, Patrick Phillips
Category(s): Research Tools
Label-free microfluidic device for cancer liquid biopsy
Summary Liquid biopsies offer a less invasive method of early cancer detection; however, circulating cancer cells are rare and difficult to detect. The current technology is a device that allows for sensitive, label-free enrichment of circulating neoplastic cells in order to facilitate the detection of cancer biomarkers from peripheral blood samples. Technology...
Published: 8/16/2022   |   Inventor(s): Yu-Jui (Roger) Chiu, Ajay Sapre, Jose Luis Montoya Mira, Kyle Gustafson
Keywords(s): Device, Device - Other, Diagnostics, Diagnostics - Cancer, Research Tools
Category(s): Diagnostics, Research Tools, Device
Gamma-ketothiocarbamate molecules that release COS
­University of Oregon researchers are studying reactive sulfur species (RSS). Detection, Delivery, and Quantification of Biological H2S Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), commonly known for its unpleasant rotten-egg smell, is now accepted as an important enzymatically-produced biomolecule that plays important roles in living systems. Joining CO and NO in...
Published: 5/2/2022   |   Inventor(s): Michael Pluth, Yu Zhao
Category(s): Chemistry, Diagnostics, Engineering, Medical Devices, Physical Science, Research Tools, Therapeutics
Innovative, highly-efficient strategies to purify proteins of interest, determine their genomic binding sites, and target their activity to desired genomic regions
Title: A Unified Strategy to Simplify and Enhance Studies of Protein Function Protein studies are universal across disciplines in biological sciences. Because of this ubiquity, numerous strategies exist to purify, localize, redirect, deplete, and visualize proteins in all model organisms. However, it can be cumbersome to create required strains to...
Published: 5/2/2022   |   Inventor(s): Jeff McKnight
Keywords(s): Science
Category(s): Diagnostics, Research Tools
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