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System to detect peripheral neuropathy, balance, and mobility disorders
A home test for peripheral neuropathy.For clinicians and patients who are dissatisfied with the battery of clinical tests for peripheral neuropathy, the PeriVib is a portable home system. The PeriVib comprises a toe vibration motor, a mobile application to measure balance and gait, and algorithms to evaluate the data.The vibration motor applies a v...
Published: 2/15/2019   |   Inventor(s): Peter Jacobs, Kerri Winters-Stone, Nicholas (Nick) Preiser, John Condon, Fay Horak
Keywords(s): Device, Software
Category(s): Software
System to measure sleep apnea using portable non-contact sensors and a machine learning algorithm
SummaryMethod and system for automatic diagnosis of sleep apnea in the home environment. The system uses pressure sensitive sensors placed underneath a mattress and an algorithm to classify the severity of sleep apnea.Technology OverviewThis in home system to diagnose sleep apnea saves the patient from having to spend a night in a sleep clinic atta...
Published: 8/31/2018   |   Inventor(s): Peter Jacobs, Clara Mosquera-Lopez, Joseph Leitschuh, John Condon
Keywords(s): Device, Diagnostics
Category(s): Device, Diagnostics
Algorithm For Automated Detection of Melanoma
Technology Overview Comprehensive diagnosis of melanoma typically requires both reliable histopathology and the trained eye of a clinician for assessment. With optical (as opposed to physical) sectioning of tissue and OHSU created software to process confocal images, it is possible to distinguish the diagnostic traits of malignancy, such as the...
Published: 11/9/2017   |   Inventor(s): Daniel Gareau, Ricky Hennessy, Steven Jacques
Keywords(s): Device, Diagnostics, Diagnostics - Cancer, Imaging, Imaging - Other, Software
Category(s): Diagnostics
Jejunal/enteral tube fixation and locking device
Technology Summary: A fastener device with a novel locking mechanism to attach jejunal/enteral feeding tubes in gastrointestinal surgery. Executive Summary:Problem: Products currently used by surgeons comprise 4 independent T-fasteners to fix a segment of bowel to the inside of the abdominal wall. A flexible feeding tube is then inserted through th...
Published: 11/6/2017   |   Inventor(s): James Dolan, Younes Jahangiri, Niloy Ghosh
Keywords(s): Device, Device - Surgical
Category(s): Device
Dried Blood Spot Collection Device
In current Dried Blood Spot (DBS) sampling, poor technique can result in uneven concentrations across the material, which may lead to errors in analysis and unusable samples. Additionally, many DBS sampling approaches rely on patients and/or clinicians to perform multiple steps that may be cumbersome, or may require disposal of blood collection mat...
Published: 3/8/2017   |   Inventor(s): Amira Al-Uzri, Dennis Koop, Lisa Bleyle, Andrew Chitty
Keywords(s): Device, Research Tools
Category(s): Device, Research Tools
Surgical sponges dectable by magnetic field
The prevention of retained surgical instruments currently requires a significant amount of labor in the surgery suite. The current state of the art is to assign surgical nurses to count sponges and instruments, which can allow human error. This is particularly true during long surgeries or if surgical personnel change during surgery. These error...
Published: 2/22/2017   |   Inventor(s): John Hunter, Erin Gilbert
Keywords(s): Device
Category(s): Device
Universal, Modular Bicycle Gutter
Bicycles and other wheeled conveyances have difficulty traversing stairs. People and riders frequently must pick up the bike and carry it up or down the stairs. The “Modular Bicycle Gutter” was designed to make stairway access easier for bicycles. It is a channel composed of interlocking beams and a rail based mounting system to be inst...
Published: 6/13/2016   |   Inventor(s): Christopher Woo, Gary Granger
Keywords(s): Device
Category(s): Device
Ultrasound Needle Guide
A variable depth ultrasound needle guide for steep trajectories. Value Proposition: A two-part ultrasound needle guide system mounted on the end of an ultrasound probe which can be positioned at different locations and angles to guide a needle through the patient’s skin and advanced to a preselected depth identified on the ultrasound.Executiv...
Published: 11/26/2014   |   Inventor(s): Andrew Neice
Keywords(s): Device, Device - Surgical
Category(s): Device
Multi-Actuator System for Active Sound and Vibration Cancellation
Technology Overview A multi-actuator system for sound and vibration cancellation utilizes a LMS type algorithm having an adaptive filter. However, the error signal rather than the input is filtered through an adjoin filter of the error channel to drive an adaptive filter which in turn drives, for example, a loudspeaker to provide destructive i...
Published: 4/28/2010   |   Inventor(s): Eric Wan
Keywords(s): Device, Software, Software - Engineering
Category(s): Engineering
Method and device for non-invasive analyte measurement
Technology OverviewPeople with diabetes can significantly reduce the risk of complications associated with disease by actively monitoring their blood glucose levels. The current standard method of monitoring blood glucose levels involves painful finger sticks and many diabetic patients fail to actively manage their glucose levels for the primary r...
Published: 4/8/2010   |   Inventor(s): Peter Jacobs, Dawn Konrad-Martin, Eric Wan
Keywords(s): Device, Imaging, Imaging - Acoustic, Software
Category(s): Device
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