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Compositions for treatment of neurological and oxidative stress disorders
SummaryDysfunction of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mtPTP) is associated with accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in many disease states. Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University, University of Kansas, and University of Padova have developed highly potent and stable small molecule inhibitors of mtPTP. Technology...
Published: 6/22/2021   |   Inventor(s): Michael Cohen, Michael Forte, Justina Sileikyte, Jordan Devereaux, Aaron Nilsen, Paolo Bernardi
Keywords(s): Therapeutics, Therapeutics - Neurology, Therapeutics - Other
Category(s): Therapeutics
Cloroquine Replacement Drugs
Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University and at the Portland VA Medical Center have discovered and optimized a novel class of compounds that are superior to the standard of care. The antimalarial agents are effective at inhibiting proliferation of multi-drug resistant malarial parasites and selected members of this potent class are...
Published: 11/5/2012   |   Inventor(s): Michael Riscoe, Rolf Winter, Sovitj Pou, David Hinrichs, Jane Kelly, Yuexin Li, Aaron Nilsen
Keywords(s): Therapeutics, Therapeutics - Infectious Diseases
Category(s): Therapeutics, Chemical
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