Mouse/human chimera CD74: Design, codon optimization, cloning, expression in E coli, and purification

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Protein: Recombinant human CD74


This recombinant human version of CD74 is a 190 amino acid residue polypeptide that lacks the C-terminal thyroglobulin domain. It is an E. coli expressed recombinant protein that includes the intracellular domain (N-terminal amino acid residues 1 to 30) and the transmembrane domain (amino acid residues 31 to 55) from the mouse sequence and the extracellular domain (amino acid residues 56 to 190) from the human version. This version of the human CD74 lacks the first 16 N-terminal amino acid residues present in the original human form but it is still recognized by PIN.1 monoclonal antibody that recognizes an epitope in this region. This protein would be useful in studies aimed at exploring protein-protein interactions, some blocking experiments of MIF cytokine activity and could be useful to explore other proteins that have been suggested to bind CD74.


Applications: Available as a research reagent, the protein can be used for protein-protein interactions; blocking experiments of MIF (macrophage inhibitory factor) cytokine activity; and interactions with other proteins that have been suggested to bind CD74.


Biological activity: This CD74 protein has been tested for its ability to bind MIF1 (or MIF), and for its ability to bind several antibodies currently used in human CD74 biology research and recombinant human and mouse Class II proteins. Antibody-immobilized CD74 has been tested and shown to bind MIF in an in vitro assay.


Stability: When stored in low non-ionic detergent with 15% glycerol at -80˚C this protein is stable for at least 6 months with no appreciable degradation or reduction in its biological activity.



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