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Modulating Activity of Calcium Release Channels
Using a new assay for drug development (see Abrj-01), PSU researchers have developed new compounds that may prove useful in the treatment of heart arrhythmia. Ventricular arrhythmias appear to be caused by a calcium leak from the sarcoplasmic reticulum in cardiac muscle, and arrhythmias often lead to heart failure. Drugs that prevent and treat arrhythmias...
Published: 7/23/2009   |   Inventor(s): Jonathan Abramson, Robert Strongin
Keywords(s): Chemistry, Therapeutics
Category(s): Therapeutics
Screen for Redox Activity of Compounds
The design of new and effective drugs is a multi-billion dollar business, requiring great expense and extensive testing of drug candidate compounds. Obtaining a better understanding of the pharmacodynamics and mechanisms of action of drug candidates is an important and necessary step in optimizing any lead compound. A property of increasing...
Published: 6/3/2009   |   Inventor(s): Jonathan Abramson, Benjamin Marinov, Rotimi Olojo
Keywords(s): Biology, Chemistry, Drug Screening
Category(s): Therapeutics
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