HPi2 Monoclonal Antibody Supernatant from Hybridoma HIC1-2B4 (endocrine cell marker)

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Technology Overview: The monoclonal antibody HPi2 is derived from the hybridoma HIC1-2B4.  HPi2 selectively reacts    with a cell surface module on human pancreatic endocrine cells. This antibody reacts with multiple endocrine cell types.

Antibody:                             HPi2 Supernatant
Hybridoma cell line:          HIC1-2B4
Isotype:                                 Mouse IgG1
Species reactivity:             Human
Applications:                       Immunohistochemistry (acetone fixation recommended), Flow cytometry

Competitive Environment:  No other such antibodies with such specificity are known to exist.

Availability:  1mL supernatant aliquot.

For more information, view the PDF version of this summary: <a href="I:\OHSU\RA\Web\research\rda\trc\docs\1038\1038B_Overview.pdf" target="_blank">HPi2 Antibody Overview</a>
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Trina Voss
Technology Development Manager
Oregon Health & Science University
Philip Streeter
Markus Grompe
Craig Dorrell
Stephanie Abraham
Kelsea Shoop
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