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Conductive Metalorganic Framework Chemical Sensors
Technology Description This technology is a gas sensing device made of a highly oriented metal-organic framework (MOF) material on an oxide substrate. The MOF is also made conductive by the addition of a redox active molecule. The conductive MOF is made without using a gold substrate, and the method of assembling the MOF layers incorporating the re...
Published: 4/6/2017   |   Inventor(s): Chih-Hung Chang, Ki-Joong Kim, Alan Wang, Yujing Zhang, Xinyuan Chong
Keywords(s): Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Inst. (ATAMI), Chemicals / Chemical Engineering, Sensors
Category(s): Chemical, Device, Engineering, Materials Science, Nanoscience & Microtechnologies, Physical Science
Fiber Optic Infrared Absorption Gas Sensors with Metal-Organic Framework Materials
Technology Description The fiber-optic chemical sensing platform couples light guides with a metal-organic framework (MOF) and plasmonic nanomaterial sensing components to provide increased near-infared (NIR) detection sensitivity. The MOF thin films rapidly absorb and sense gases by leveraging a network of plasmonic nanocrystals that act at the NI...
Published: 5/23/2016   |   Inventor(s): Alan Wang, Chih-Hung Chang, Paul Ohodnicki, Ki-Joong Kim, Xinyuan Chong
Keywords(s): Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Inst. (ATAMI), fiber optics, Sensors
Category(s): Engineering
Method and Apparatus for Sample Analysis
PSU researchers have developed a novel way to collect, concentrate and analyze gas samples for analysis, primarily in environmental applications. By increasing pressure and performing analyses on a focused gas sample, this technology easily and cheaply enables continuous and real-time monitoring of air quality. Emission sources are more easily ide...
Published: 7/23/2009   |   Inventor(s): Robert O'brien, Thomas Smith
Keywords(s): Diagnostics, Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Sensors
Category(s): Chemistry
Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Sensor
PSU researchers have developed a new chemical gas sensor capable of detecting nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at levels less than 100ppb (two orders of magnitude more sensitive than current chemiluminescent based NOx sensors), having a dynamic linear range of parts per million to parts per billion, and a speed of detection of 60-120 seconds. Unlike existi...
Published: 7/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): Shalini Prasad, Linda George, Divakara Meka
Keywords(s): Electronics, Nanotechnology, Sensors
Category(s): Chemistry
Ambient Pressure NO2 Sensor
The measurement of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is important to both environmental monitoring and to research of flame, combustion, and surface chemistry. Current methods and devices operate at very low, sub-ambient pressures, requiring a substantial pumping system and limiting their usefulness in applications in higher pressure environments where direc...
Published: 5/26/2009   |   Inventor(s): Linda George, Jeremy Parra
Keywords(s): Sensors
Category(s): Chemistry
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