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New class of error correction and detecting code
Technology Description The present invention provides methods and systems that address the need for error correction of q-ary systems, i.e., those for which q > 2. In this regard, in one of its aspects the present invention provides systematic q-ary codes for correcting all asymmetric and symmetric errors of limited magnitude. The proposed method...
Published: 9/12/2022   |   Inventor(s): Bella Bose, Noha El Arief
Keywords(s): Algorithm, code, communications, computer, Computer Software, Electrical & Computer Engineering, electronics, encryption, firmware, flash, flash memory, high performance electronics, Memory, Physical Science, Programming, programming jig, Q-ary codes, software, Telecommunication Device, Wireless communication
Category(s): Information Technology, Physical Science, Software, Engineering, Diagnostics, Communications
Printable Conductive Inks
Background of Invention Silver possesses excellent electrical conductivity, surface plasmon resonance, and high reflectivity, leading to its use in a wide variety of applications including microelectronic circuitry, gas sensors, low emissivity coatings and transparent conductive electrodes. Significant effort has been made toward the development...
Published: 3/25/2022   |   Inventor(s): Chih-Hung Chang, Chang-Ho Choi
Keywords(s): Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Inst. (ATAMI), Chemicals / Chemical Engineering, electronics, microreactor, transparent electronics
Category(s): Engineering, Materials Science, Nanoscience & Microtechnologies, Physical Science
An Efficient Region-of-Interest Cropping Algorithm to Extract Small Regions of Video Out of Compressed Video Streams
PSU researchers have created a technology which supports fast and efficient region-of-interest cropping from high-resolution video. We have a mechanism to compress a compliant video stream, and still allow cropping.
Published: 8/6/2015   |   Inventor(s): Wu-Chi Feng, Tim Bauman, John Kassebaum, Thanh Dang
Keywords(s): Electronics, Information Technology
Category(s): Information Technology
Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Sensor
PSU researchers have developed a new chemical gas sensor capable of detecting nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at levels less than 100ppb (two orders of magnitude more sensitive than current chemiluminescent based NOx sensors), having a dynamic linear range of parts per million to parts per billion, and a speed of detection of 60-120 seconds. Unlike existing...
Published: 2/27/2012   |   Inventor(s): Shalini Prasad, Linda George, Divakara Meka
Keywords(s): Electronics, Nanotechnology, Sensors
Category(s): Chemistry
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