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Magneto-Acoustic Signal Correlator
By harnessing coupling between magnetic and acoustic domains, this device is efficient for signal processing well into the mm-wave range Background Current acoustic transducers, filters, sensors, and communication systems face issues related to efficiency, frequency selectivity, tunability, and miniaturization. For example, acoustic wave filters...
Published: 11/8/2023   |   Inventor(s): Albrecht Jander, Pallavi Dhagat
Category(s): Engineering, Communications
All-Optical Multiplexer and De-multiplexer for Temporal Modes of Electromagnetic Radiation using Nonlinear Optical Cavities and Shaped Laser Pulses
University of Oregon Researchers: Michael Raymer, Dileep Reddy Patent: US10,871,699 issued on 12/22/2020 (UO-18-26) All-Optical Multiplexer and De-multiplexer for Temporal Modes of Electromagnetic Radiation using Nonlinear Optical Cavities and Shaped Laser Pulses. Technology Background/Definition of Problem:: A quantum pulse gate can be understood...
Published: 5/13/2024   |   Inventor(s): Michael Raymer, Dileep Reddy
Keywords(s): Science
Category(s): Communications, Engineering, Information Technology, Physical Science
Deterministic Quantum Emitter Formation in Hexagonal Boron Nitride via Controlled Edge Creation
­ Technology Background: Sources of single photons are a key component of many emerging quantum information technologies such as quantum computation, communication, and sensing. However, the more commonly used quantum emitters (QEs), such as cold atoms and spontaneous parametric down-conversion sources, require complex setups that limit their...
Published: 6/10/2022   |   Inventor(s): Benjamin Aleman
Keywords(s): Science
Category(s): Chemistry, Engineering, Imaging, Materials Science, Nanoscience & Microtechnologies, Communications, Physical Science
Inclusive Language Guide
Summary A cross-departmental assembly of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) members has developed a guide for inclusive language, which can be used by businesses, universities and hospitals to educate staff and promote diversity. Technology Overview The Inclusive Language Guide is intended as a tool to help employers and employees learn...
Published: 9/8/2021   |   Inventor(s): Leslie Garcia, Erin Hoover Barnett, Rosemarie Hemmings, Ian Jaquiss, Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas, Amy Penkin, Phu Nguyen
Keywords(s): Education & Training, Education & Training - Speech & Language
Category(s): Communications, Education & Training, Speech & Language
Collaborative workstation on wheels
Summary Medical rounds are designed to increase communication between medical teams and improve patient care; however, errors in the electronic health record (EHR) are common and dangerous. Researchers at OHSU have designed a mobile computer on wheels device, consisting of three workstations in a triangular formulation, that provides collaborative...
Published: 9/21/2023   |   Inventor(s): Jeffrey Gold, Vishnu Mohan
Keywords(s): Device
Category(s): Device, Communications
Guilty Except for Insanity - Maddening Journeys through an American Asylum - Documentary Film
Guilty Except for Insanity: Maddening Journeys through an American AsylumAn educational documentary film directed by Dr. Jan HaakenThe FilmIn Guilty Except for Insanity, Director and Professor of Psychology Jan Haaken goes behind the walls of the Oregon State Hospital, the location of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and recounts the stories of real...
Published: 8/6/2015   |   Inventor(s): Jan Haaken
Category(s): Education & Training, Multimedia, Communications
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