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Medical rounds are designed to increase communication between medical teams and improve patient care; however, errors in the electronic health record (EHR) are common and dangerous. Researchers at OHSU have designed a mobile computer on wheels device, consisting of three workstations in a triangular formulation, that provides collaborative and synchronous viewing of EHRs to increase rounds efficiency and reduce errors.

Technology Overview

Errors in patient electronic health records (EHR) can occur when there is a large volume of data and poor communication between inter-professional health care teams, ultimately leading to decreased patient care and satisfaction.

OHSU researchers have developed a collaborative computer on wheels workstation to improve round communication and reduce EHR errors. Initial product testing demonstrated a favorable usability score by health care professionals as well as perceived benefits in visualization of order entry, avoidance of errors, and improvements in the team’s ability to follow clinical decision-making. The device has the potential to change the current paradigm of interprofessional rounds to improve communication and provide care that is safer and more efficient.

The device contains the following design features:

  • Three independent workstations in a triangular orientation, putting health care teams face-to-face for improved eye contact and communication
  • Two monitors per workstation, one for data entry and another for screen sharing to allow real-time viewing of the EHR by all members to:
    • increase efficiency, and
    • provide more oversight to minimize the risk of transcription and omission errors.
  • Easy-to-use with minimal additional training required
  • Compatible with relatively small spaces, such as an ICU public space or rounding room.

Licensing Opportunity

Available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing.


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