Low-Power Remote Logging Weight and Temperature Sensor

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Technology Description


The sensor includes a load cell, external temperature sensor, logger, and fuel container. The inexpensive monitor provides an easy launch via simple switch, data collection via SD card for ease of processing, a flexible power supply to last for any desired duration, and a cloud-based analysis platform to indicate the variability and post-processing parameters of interest. This information can provide the needed and currently unavailable robust indicators of programmatic success in terms of user technology uptake and resulting fuel and time savings at a low cost and high accuracy. It can also be used to extrapolate emissions data to the impacts of climate and health inventories, and rigorously quantify fuel savings for carbon credit markets through sensor-based monitoring.


Features & Benefits


  • Easy to use, non-technical
  • Extended operational life
  • Little disruption to the end user




  • Cookstove monitoring
  • Household energy use analysis
  • Emissions monitoring


Background of Invention


This technology is a sensor designed to monitor mass-based fuel usage patterns and fuel collection frequency and quantities in biomass cookstoves. It is designed to be low cost, low power and highly accurate ensuring that it is scalable. There are programs today that aim to implement environmentally friendly cookstoves around the globe and reduce the global health consequences of energy poverty and biomass being burned in open flames. However, it is difficult to measure the beneficial impacts of these devices. This invention serves to provide a means of collecting and analyzing the data from these devices in an unobtrusive manner. The device is easy to launch, can use an SD card for data collection, has a flexible power supply and can be paired with cloud based analysis platforms.




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biomass fuel sensor
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