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Accurate Geo-Referencing of Tree Stands
Technology Description Researchers at Oregon State University have developed an algorithm and procedure for quickly and accurately geo-referencing 3D point clouds representing the lower section of the trunk that is relatively inexpensive, fast, and accurate, to less than 1 meter accuracy. The algorithm utilizes aerial images from UAVs or similar as...
Published: 11/26/2019   |   Inventor(s): Bogdan Strimbu, John Sessions, Chu Qi
Keywords(s): Algorithm, ALS, Photogrammetric point cloud, point matching, tree segmentation
Category(s): Agricultural, Engineering, Imaging, Information Technology, Software, Research Tools
Aptamer-siRNA Chimera Targeting RORgammat in Th17 Cells for Topical Therapy of Psoriasis
Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University and at the Portland VA Medical Center have discovered and validated a novel aptamer-siRNA chimera targeting RORgammat in Th17 cells for topical treatment of psoriasis. If interested in learning more, please contact the Office of Technology Transfer and Business Development ( and...
Published: 10/7/2015   |   Inventor(s): Cong-Qiu Chu, Gang Wang
Keywords(s): Therapeutics - Dermatology
Category(s): Therapeutics
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