Synthesis of Nanoscale Structures in Defined Locations

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Since their discovery in 1991 by microscopist Sumio Iijima, carbon nanotubes have intrigued researchers with their structures and the applications enabled by their unique physical properties.  Nanotubes exhibit high chemical resistance and mechanical strength, among other desirable physical properties.  However, one ongoing challenge to exploiting these desirable properties is the difficulty associated with isolating and manipulating nanotubes for use as discrete device elements.
PSU researchers have developed methods for directly synthesizing nanoscale structures in defined locations, overcoming problems in nanoscale manufacturing by enabling the direct fabrication of composites useful for constructing electronic devices.  The lab has also manufactured components of several such devices.
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Travis Woodland
Portland State University
Jun Jiao
Lifeng Dong
Sean Foxley
David Tuggle
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