Ultrasound needle guide

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A two-part ultrasound needle guide system mounted on the end of an ultrasound probe which can be positioned at different locations and angles to guide a needle through the patient’s skin and advanced to a preselected depth identified on the ultrasound.

Technology Overview

Some regional anesthetic procedures, such as paravertebral and lumbar plexus blocks, are difficult to perform using in-plane ultrasound needle guides due to the steep angle of needle entry for the procedure, altered trajectory of the needle, and needle depth issues. As a result, clinicians either do not use ultrasound for these procedures, or “free hand” the needle. 

The current technology was designed to address the need for a needle guide involving very steep needle entry trajectories.  This two-part ultrasound needle guide system allows for a fine degree of control for regional anesthesia procedures due to an increased number of depths and angles to increase accuracy, precision, and measurement resolution. A working prototype has been produced and the accuracy validated using simulated tissue.  

Licensing Opportunity

This technology is available for licensing.

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