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Nanoporous Membrane Protein Biomarker Detectors
Disease assessment can be based on one or many biomarkers – a specific gene, protein, or other biological substance – that can be used to assess disease progress and aid in determining treatment. Unfortunately, biomarker-based measurements are often slow, expensive or otherwise impractical. PSU researchers have fabricated biomarker detectors with...
Published: 7/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): Shalini Prasad, Ravi Kiran Kondama Reddy, Thomas Barrett
Keywords(s): Electrical & Computer Engineering, Nanotechnology
Category(s): Nanoscience & Microtechnologies
Microelectrode Recording Analysis and Visualization for Improved Target Location
This is a neurosurgery tool to record and analyze microelectrode readings, resulting in more accurate targeting. In addition, these microelectrode visualization methods can be used in other fields of medicine where microelectrodes are used to determine neurological structures, such as deep brain stimulation for alleviating chronic pain, or seizure ...
Published: 7/20/2009   |   Inventor(s): James Mcnames, Kim Burcheil, Jon Falkenberg, Roberto Santiago
Keywords(s): Electrical & Computer Engineering
Category(s): Medical Devices
Carbon Nanotube Multiplexers
Miniaturization of electronic and mechanical devices has permitted complex and sophisticated products to be realized inexpensively in compact packages. Such miniaturization has developed based primarily on advances in silicon wafer processing for circuit fabrication or micro-electromechanical systems. Unfortunately, at this point in time the incremental...
Published: 5/26/2009   |   Inventor(s): Anas Al-Rabadi
Keywords(s): Electrical & Computer Engineering, Nanoelectronics, Nanotechnology
Category(s): Nanoscience & Microtechnologies
High Frequency Active Inductor
An integrated inductor capable of operating at gigahertz (1 billion Hz) frequencies and above is a critical element in oscillators, filters, and wide-band low-noise amplifiers, (LNAs). The main applications are radio-frequency (RF) communication and high-speed data processing integrated circuits, such as those in cellular phones, wireless network cards,...
Published: 5/26/2009   |   Inventor(s): W. Robert Daasch, Haiqiao Xiao, Rolf Schaumann
Keywords(s): Electrical & Computer Engineering
Category(s): Engineering
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