Hazelnut named ‘PollyO’ Well-Suited for the Blanched Kernel Market for Use in Chocolate Products and Baked Goods

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Technology Description


‘PollyO’ is being released for the blanched kernel market as a companion for ‘Wepster’ and ‘McDonald’, and as an alternative to ‘Yamhill’. The nut shape is nearly round and lends itself well to sizing and cracking. The shells are thin and easy to crack, and most kernels remain whole when the shell is broken. Kernel size is small, similar to ‘McDonald’ but larger than ‘Wepster’ and ‘Yamhill’.


Features & Benefits

  • 'PollyO' is cross-compatible with ‘Wepster’ and ‘McDonald’ serving as pollinizers for each other
  • Kernel texture, flavor and aroma should command a premium price in the market
  • Kernel size 11-13 mm in diameter are preferred by the Chocolate product industry




  • ‘PollyO’ is suited for the blanched kernel market
  • Great for use in the baked goods and chocolate products market


Background of Invention


The new hazelnut variety developed at Oregon State, named ‘PollyO’, combines high nut yield, early nut maturity, small round nuts and kernels, high kernel percentage, good kernel blanching, and excellent flavor. An additional advantage of ‘PollyO’ is its very high resistance to Eastern Filbert Blight (EFB) conferred by a dominant allele from 'Gasaway' through the grower selection 'Zimmermean', so fungicide applications are not needed under normal orchard conditions in western Oregon. Eastern Filbert Blight, caused by the fungus Anisogramma anomala, poses a serious threat and imposes a significant added cost to hazelnut production in the Willamette Valley, which produces the majority of US hazelnuts. Susceptibility to big bud mite (primarily Phytoptus avellanae Nal.) was studied and ‘PollyO’ exhibits high resistance to bud mites, so chemical control applications should not be necessary.




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