New Dyes for Forensic Applications

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Fingerprints are the most common and useful physical evidence for the apprehension and conviction of crime perpetrators.  Reagents for the detection and enhancement of fingerprints are among the most useful tools in this regard.  However, the available fluorogenic reagents for detecting and enhancing fingerprints left in blood have several associated challenges.  For instance, some are generally unsuitable for dark and multi-colored substrates, while those that are (luminol, fluorescin) are not compatible with fixatives and their oxidation products or are not insoluble, leading to diffusion and degradation of the print.  Further, the luminescence and flourescence of standard reagents are quenched in acidic media. 
PSU researchers have developed dyes for the detection of fingerprints in blood that have suitable sensitivity and stability, that work to enhance and preserve print details for longer periods than available reagents, and that work on dark and multi-colored substrates.  The developed materials should be readily adaptable for use in a kit for crime scene response personnel. 
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Joseph Janda
Portland State University
Robert Strongin
Martha Sibrian-Vazquez
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