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The Learner Web is a learning support system providing structure and resources for adults who want to accomplish specific learning objectives. A learner can access the system through the Internet. In addition to on-line resources, the Learner Web integrates support services from existing local education programs, community based organizations, tutors, and telephone helpers.

The Learner Web consists of a Web-based software system that is implemented regionally. The System is organized around Learning Plans. A Learning Plan is a set of steps structured around achieving an identified goal. For example, if the goal is to get a GED, the steps might include finding out more about the tests, identifying what skills one needs to brush up on, learning new skills and knowledge, taking practice tests, etc. Each step is matched with online and community based resources and a workspace where Learners can take assessments or save their work in an e-portfolio.

The Learner creates a personal profile, may take a short reading assessment and interest inventory, chooses a goal from the available list and follows the learning plan independently or with a tutor or a teacher. The Learning Plan is dynamically matched by the software to both the learner profile and educational resources. The Learner's progress is saved and can be returned to at any time via the internet. Learners can choose to share their workspace with a tutor or teacher.

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