High-Anthocyanin “Indigo™ Kiwi” Tomato

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Technology Description


Oregon State University has developed a new cultivar of tomato “Indigo™ Kiwi”, a type added to the small fruited Indigo high anthocyanin tomato series. These cultivars are primarily intended for the home garden and fresh market production. This new cultivar exhibits improvements in maturity, growth habit; flavor and leaf curl over the other Indigo™ tomato cultivars. Indigo™ Kiwi remains green when ripe with the fruit softening and becoming slightly lighter yellow in color. It is recommended that for commercial fresh market growers the cultivar be grafted onto a resistant rootstock.


Features & Benefits


  • Faster mature, quicker to the plate
  • Rich in flavor
  • Disease resistance




  • Commercial production
  • Home Garden Market




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