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ORCF-102 also has more acreage planted in than any other variety in Oregon and Washington. ORCF-102 is best adapted to dryland and irrigated wheat-growing regions in northeast Oregon and southeast Washington. ORCF-102 is a cross between Madsen, FS-4, and Wheatherford. It is an awned, medium-tall stature, medium maturity variety with superior straw strength proven performance, and is broadly adapted. ORCF-102 is resistant to strawbreaker footrot, and is also tolerant to Cephaloporium stripe and Fusarium crown rot. This variety also has excellent emergence and performance in a wide range of seeding dates, which contributes to the fact ORCF-102 is the leading CLEARFIELD variety in Washington.


Features & Benefits


  • CLEARFIELD® herbicide technology
  • Widely adapted
  • Excellent straw strength




  • Cakes and pastries
  • Asian-style noodles
  • Middle Eastern flat breads


Background of Invention


ORCF-102 was developed in cooperation with BASF Corporation and USDA-ARS. ORCF-102 is a traditionally bred, (not genetically modified) wheat variety that carries an altered form of the acetolactate synthase enzyme. When ORCF-102 is used in combination with Beyond® or Clearmax® at labeled rates. CLEARFIELD® technology provides growers with an effective tool for control of several grassy weeds. The altered enzyme is not affected by imazamox, the active ingredient in Beyond® herbicide and one of the active ingredients in Clearmax® herbicide.





PVP 200500336


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