Corrosion-free, Ultra-lightweight Buckling Restrained Braces

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Corrosion-free, Ultra-lightweight Buckling Restrained Braced

From the Lab of Dr. Peter Dusicka, Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA

Portland State University is seeking partnerships for research and commercialization for select technologies developed in university laboratories. This corrosion-free, ultra-lightweight buckling restrained brace design is intended for use in the construction of new buildings and is a cost-effective alternative for the seismic retrofitting of older buildings. The technology has been tested at full-scale.


Innovative new product line for seismic impact resistant structure solution providers.


Current buckling restrained braces are cumbersome and costly to install in both new construction and seismic retrofitting situations. Furthermore, current buckling restrained braces are prone to corrosion and will loose effectiveness over time. Dr. Dusicka developed a new ultra-lightweight buckling restrained brace with a ductile aluminum core surrounded by a jacket of fiber reinforced polymers (FRPs). The cost-effective design is easy to install without the use of heavy equipment.


The approach incorporates the use of innovative materials in the form of FRPs, which are attractive for the low weight to strength ratio. A pultruded FRP section is introduced along the length of the brace to provide out of plane bucking restraint and is secured to the steel angle with a FRP wrap applied using a wet lay-up process. The benefits of added stiffness of pultruded sections are combined with the in-field ease of application of the wrap to provide the buckling restraint to a brace.

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