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A Method for Protecting the Internet using TCP and IP Puzzles
Technology Overview Denial-of-service attacks are increasing being used by internet hackers trying to disrupt to operations of a targeted company or to draw attention to themselves. One technique for defending against these types of attacks is to use IP puzzles. Previous puzzle mechanisms do not use control feedback in managing the difficulty...
Published: 9/16/2020   |   Inventor(s): Wu-Chang Feng
Keywords(s): Software
Category(s): Software
Transparent Proof-of-Work Mechanism for Protecting Web Applications from Attack
PSU researchers have developed a transparent, backwards compatible proof-of-work system -- a defense mechanism that allows server owners to give client-specific challenges to those requesting access to network resources. All clients are provided tasks to perform prior to access being granted, with easier & harder tasks available depending on the...
Published: 5/26/2009   |   Inventor(s): Wu-Chang Feng, Ed Kaiser
Keywords(s): Computer Science, Information Technology
Category(s): Information Technology
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