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The OHSU Hand Function Task Box prototype measures and records hand function in patients with hand disability. The system includes an assessment of hand motor function and a companion quality of life questionnaire. The hand motor function component utilizes digital transducers to measure hand functions most closely associated with activities of daily living (“ADL”) and comprises six tasks (Composite Finger Flexion, Vise Grip, Jar, Coin, Key and Door Handle) to perform 22 measurements on both right and left hands for longitudinal assessment of hand function. The strength generated by the isometric transducers is measured and recorded digitally with electronic transmission to a main electronic board for data capture, storage and readout. The main board implements the test executive, interfaces the subject to the instrumentation, and manages data record storage and retrieval via USB or Bluetooth.

An evaluation graphic user interface is part of the overall system to help clinicians visualize the test assessments, record and store data. The subject is guided through the various tests using visual and audio instruction.  A 7” color LCD touch screen interfaces the subject to the test executive.  USB and Bluetooth modules interface the test executive to a laptop PC for access to mass storage.  Local flash memory provides protection against data loss in the event of a PC connection failure.  I2C provides the interface to all instrumentation.




Patients undergoing surgery, kidney dialysis, or recovery after stroke or injury, often suffer loss of hand function. Currently, methods to assess hand function loss are time consuming and difficult to standardize. These include the Jamal hand dynamometer and pinchmeter, and the Sollerman hand function test measuring 20 activities of daily living.


Currently available tests and clinical assessments require subjective ratings of analog instruments, which are time consuming, are difficult to standardize, and are not automated. The Rejoyce Arm and Hand Function Test, on the other hand, while automated, does not include the composite finger flexion assessment as does the OHSU Hand Function Task Box. The OHSU Hand Function Task Box automates measurements using digital technology and objectifies hand function assessment based on the combination of strength, range of motion, and time performance metrics to replicate activities of daily living.


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Yves Vimegnon, MD, MPH

Gregory Landry, MD, MCR


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Patent Pending.



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