Hybrid monomers for dental adhesive applications

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Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) researcher Dr. Carmem Pfeifer and colleagues have developed novel dental adhesives with properties that promote both durability and bond strength to potentially improve the longevity of dental restorations.

Technology Overview

Dental adhesives need to create strong bonds between the tooth and restorative material, while also maintaining their stability. The latter quality is difficult to achieve given the acidic and aqueous environment of the oral cavity, and breakdown of dental composites leads to the need for replacement restorations. OHSU researchers have developed novel adhesive molecules with components specifically targeting bond strength and adhesive stability. When tested in vitro, these compounds showed bond strength between 30-50 MPa at 24 hours, and no significant reduction in strength when tested again 6 months later. These compound may improve the integrity and life of dental restorations and have applicability as strong and durable adhesives in other industries.


Fugolin et al., “Synthesis of di- and triacrylamides with tertiary amine cores and their evaluation as monomers in dental adhesive interfaces.” Acta Biomaterialia 115(2020): 148-159. Link

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