Methods of selecting T cell receptor V peptides for therapeutic use

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Technology Overview
Technology 0618 represents a method to identify a T cell receptor (TCR) peptide for use as a therapeutic agent in patients with autoimmune diseases. Regulatory T cells are generated that can inhibit the activation of inflammatory cells involved in autoimmune diseases to be used as a treatment for subjects. Methods are also disclosed for selecting a therapy for a subject after identification of a TCR in a particular subject.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disabling disease affecting the central nervous system. As the disease progresses, patients require more care while the quality of life and productivity decreases over time. There is currently little to offer clinically for the treatment of MS. Thus, if the method of identifying T cell receptor peptides for use in MS or other autoimmune disease, it has the potential to improve the type and quality of care available to these patients, and over the long term, to reduce the considerable costs of chronic care.

Market Summary
Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating neurological autoimmune disease with a higher incidence in women affecting more than 400,000 Americans. About 2.1 million people are affected worldwide. MS patients develop clinical signs at about age 30, and require increasing care as their disease progresses and their productivity decreases over the duration of their normal lifespan.

There is no cure for MS. Currently, treatments include disease modifying agents that attempt to reduce disease activity and progression, symptom treatment, and methods to improve life functions.

Inventor Profile
Dr. Vandenbark is a Career Scientist at the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Professor of Neurology at Oregon Health & Science University. His laboratory focuses on T cell specificities that may contribute to central nervous system damage in subjects with multiple sclerosis. 

Licensing Opportunity
The technology is available for licensing on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis, and/or collaborative research, or a combination of collaboration and licensing.


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