cDNA Encoding the Cell Surface Receptor that Mediates Infection by Feline Leukemia Virus Type C

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Technology Overview
Feline Leukemia Virus Type C (FeLV-C) is a class of feline leukemia virus that often occurs in domestic cats and has been associated with moderate to severe aplastic anemia.  There are three main types of feline leukemia virus:  FeLV-A, FeLV-B and FeLV-C.  Diagnostic tests can detect all three types of FeLV but can't distinguish between them. There are two FeLV blood tests that detect antigens to FeLV including: (i) enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA); and (ii) immunofluorescence assay (IFA) also called the Hardy, or slide test. 

The current invention is cDNA encoding the FeLV-C cell surface receptor.  This receptor can be used in research, diagnostics and may result in identification of new drug targets for reducing FeLV-induced morbidity and death. 


Market Summary
FeLV is one of the most devastating feline diseases worldwide.  It is responsible for more deaths among cats than any other infectious disease.  In the U.S., FeLV infects about 2% to 3% of all cats.  FeLV-C occurs in about 1% of FeLV-infected cats and causes anemia. 


Inventor Profile
Dr. David Kabat is a Professor in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department at Oregon Health & Science University.  He received his B.S. from Brown University and Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology.  Prior to coming to OHSU, Dr. Kabat held positions at MIT and the University of Oregon Medical School, now OHSU.


J Virol. 1999 Aug;73(8):6500-5.  A putative cell surface receptor for anemia-inducing feline leukemia virus subgroup C is a member of a transporter superfamily.


Licensing Opportunity
The cDNA encoding FeLV-C receptor is available for non-exclusive licensing.








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