MEMS-Based Fuel Cell

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This invention describes the fuel cell architecture and the means to fabricate this architecture that would likely result in a high performance micro-fuel cell.


The use of MEMS-based fabrication techniques for the manufacture of fuel cells offers the promise of increased performance out of a small package. Performance parameters in this context include power density (power per unit cell area), specific energy (energy per unit mass), efficiency (electrochemical and fuel utilization), operating temperature reduction, cost and possible integration with control and feedback electronics. These attributes will be very important in the development of small portable power systems for the electronic appliance marketplace. This invention describes novel and attractive fuel cell architectures and the MEMS fabrication techniques for their creation. These architectures utilize an integral reactant manifolding system that is fully fabricated using conventional planar MEMS processes.  




Issued Patent 7,348,087 is available for licensing.


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