Efficient Forward-Private Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption Scheme

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Technology Description


The Forward-private Sublinear Dynamic Symmetric Search Encryption (FS-DSSE) scheme described in this disclosure uses special secure update strategies via an encrypted index structure. Additionally, a novel caching scheme that uses a dictionary data structure is used to reduce computation cost. There are low end to end delay and parallelization capabilities, which allow it to take advantage of multithreading techniques on the cloud. The disclosure also highlights the sublinear search time that the algorithm is able to achieve. The technology is faster by one to three orders of magnitude than the current solutions. Also, the scheme has been fully implemented and tested on real hardware.


Features & Benefits


  • High Speed Search
  • Full Parallelization
  • Low Client Storage Overhead
  • High Security




  • Privacy preserving cloud services
  • Commercial software plug-ins for email servers, raw data, and passwords
  • Mobile device applications


Background of Invention


This invention describes a novel method for forward-private sublinear dynamic symmetric searchable encryption (FS-DSSE). The technology is applicable to cloud computing where there are currently privacy issues with Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS) services. Standard encryption techniques can be used; however, once the data is encrypted on the cloud, the user can no longer search and make other updates to it. The FS-DSSE solution enables users to encrypt data on the client side such that it can be searched and dynamically updated later without leaving vulnerabilities open in the data.




Patent pending; seeking development partners




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