Mammography Screening Decision Aid

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In the United States, rates of breast cancer diagnosis begin to increase in women over the age of forty. Current consumer products on the market simply provide information about breast cancer and screening, but do not engage women in setting their own priorities for these decisions. Previous tools also do not assess women's individual risks for breast cancer as part of the decision making process for screening.


The mammography screening decision aid tool is a user-friendly app that uses a series of questions to determine a woman's risk for breast cancer based on a published algorithm. This approach considers potential benefits and harms of screening along with the patient's preferences regarding screening.


The mammography screening decision aid tool facilitates a low-cost, streamlined mechanism to:

• Personalize mammography screening for women in their forties (which is the recommended clinical guideline)

• Improve patient referrrals for screening and oncology treatment

• Support Stage 2 Meaningful Use subsidy payments

• Build patient satisfaction


One of the unique features of this tool is that women can set their own priorities for their screening decisions based on individualized risks and benefits, and then receive a customized report summarizing their responses. The aid is not designed to make decisions for women, but assists them in making informed, shared decisions with their health care providers.


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