Personalized Eczema Lotions

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Technology Description


This patent pending technology provides a simple method for identifying specific lipid abnormalities in the epidermal skin barrier of an eczema patient and providing personalized moisturizers to restore normal skin barrier lipid composition. Oregon State University is seeking an industry collaborator interested in licensing the patent rights or sponsoring research towards further discovery and development of improved, personalized eczema treatments.


Features & Benefits


  • Personalized medical approach for improved patient outcome
  • Single step extraction method for prepping a skin sample for lipidomic analysis




  • Personalized eczema moisturizers
  • Diagnosis of eczema subtypes


Background of Invention


In 2012, nearly fifteen million Americans were diagnosed with eczema, accounting for approximately 10-20% of all dermatologist visits and over $1 billion in estimated, annual healthcare costs. Moisturizing skin to prevent allergen attack and infection, is an important component of treatment for eczema. Often, patients use generic moisturizers applied through a one-size fits all approach. Recent discoveries by researchers in the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University provide a promising new approach to diagnose eczema subtypes and personalize treatment.




A provisional patent application is on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Both exclusive and non-exclusive license options are available.


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