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Group mindfulness meditation interventions improve a variety of health conditions and quality of life. However, the group format is a problem because it requires people to share in public (aversion to sharing), attend at a specific time and day (scheduling constraints), and travel to a specific location (travel and accessibility constraints). Internet Mindfulness Meditation Intervention (IMMI) solves these problems. IMMI is an interactive online platform with one 60 minute session per week for six weeks with daily home practice between sessions. Each online session includes 1) videos imparting content about stress, relaxation, meditation, and mind-body interaction, 2) guided audio meditations the user does during the session, 3) interactive enquiry where users type in answers to questions about their experiences, 4) home practice assignments including built-in guided meditations, and 5) text/email prompts encouraging behavior changes to practice the meditations. IMMI offers users the benefits of an evidence-informed mindfulness meditation intervention on the user's own terms, in private, and when they are available.

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