Novel Continuous Flow Microchemical Systems for the Deposition of Functional Thin Films

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Technology Description


A micromixer mixes two fluid sources (sometimes only one) in order to initiate formation of deposition material, and a microchannel applicator is used to apply the deposition fluid to a substrate. A constant flux of reactant in a chemical bath solution ensures that the fluid remains homogenous, not allowing the solution to impinge on the substrate.


Features & Benefits


  • Composition and morphology of deposited material can be controlled and tailored.
  • No isolation step required: solution removes byproduct of reaction, as well as prevents particle formation in final solution.
  • Low temperature allows for more candidate substrate materials.




  • Electronics: transistors, solar cells, light emit¬ting diodes, sensors, switches, and more
  • Any other thin film deposition on to a sub-strate


Background of Invention


Development of electronics such as integrated circuits and other flexible thin film devices is vital to the digital revolution. Deposition of certain compounds such as semiconductor compounds, such as metal chalcogenide semiconductors, is part of that development, yet the current methods have many disadvantages. Currently, CBD (chemical bath deposition) is the most widely used method in industry for deposition of semiconductor compounds at low temperatures, among other less-commonly used options. Batch CBD processes have many drawbacks, including particle formation and unwanted deposition, generating waste and causing device defects. Researchers at Oregon State University have developed a low-temperature process that allows for large area thin film deposition without the drawbacks of CBD.





This technology is protected under issued U.S. Patent No. 7,846,489. Product has been produced and laboratory tested in some embodiments; features and benefits proven in results detailed in patent.


Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Method And Apparatus For Chemical Deposition US Non-provisional United States 11/490,966 7,846,489 7/21/2006 12/7/2010 12/7/2022 Issued
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