Oregon Index of Endocrine Neoplasias

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The Oregon Index of Endocrine Neoplasias, also known as "ORION" is a web-based information management system and registry for endocrine disorders. A complete set of modules is available for thyroid and parathyroid diseases and is expandable for other endocrine diseases and medical specialties.


ORION contains tools for clinical information, lab research logistics, data query, and medical education and enables users to collect, organize, and integrate data from multiple clinical silos.


As a web-based platform, ORION allows accessibility from anywhere and at any point of medical care. To safeguard the data, all necessary measures were taken to be in compliance with HIPAA and OHSU's Institutional Review Board guidelines. The web-server sits behind a firewall and all connections to it are encrypted. Additionally, OHSU Information Technology specialists checked the source code for vulnerabilities. For authentication purposes ORION can be configured to use an institution’s authentication server, thus ensuring password compliance for any given institution.


ORION features includes details on demographics, clinical history, hereditary and genetic disorders, lab results, imaging, surgery, pathology, visit notes, risks, outcomes, media library, tissue library, research enrollment and management, ad-hoc query, education, and events.


This technology is available for licensing as a research tool.


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