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Radiation Detector for Simultaneous Spectroscopy of Beta Rays and Gamma Rays
Technology Description This innovation is a radiation detecting device that can simultaneously analyze both Beta and Gamma rays. This is accomplished by using two Beta sensitive elements (called scintillators) and one Gamma scintillator. The scintillators are selected so that they are sensitive to different radiation types and have different decay times....
Published: 5/18/2016   |   Inventor(s): Abdollah Farsoni, David Hamby
Keywords(s): Diagnostic, Physics / Applied Engineering, Radiation Detection
Category(s): Physical Science
Skin Contamination Dosimeter
Technology Description The system utilizes a triple-layered scintillation detector and a high-speed digital pulse processor to measure radiation energy-deposition events and calculate radiation dose to the skin surface and to skin tissue at three depths from ionizing radiation emissions; these emissions are the result of radioactive contamination on...
Published: 10/10/2014   |   Inventor(s): David Hamby, Abdollah Farsoni, Edward Cazalas
Keywords(s): Diagnostic, Medical Science & Technologies
Category(s): Device, Diagnostics, Medical Devices
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