Videochat materials for enhancing cognitive functions among seniors

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An Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) researcher has developed a series of visual and written prompts, compatible with videochat formats, to enhance cognitive function and decrease social isolation in seniors.

Technology Overview

Forty-seven million people are currently living with dementia and this population is projected to triple in size  by the year 2050 representing a significant health burden. Meaningful social interactions are known to have beneficial effects on brain health, but these kinds of conversations can be difficult to achieve for seniors experiencing social isolation. Dr. Hiroko Dodge has developed a series of materials for utilization with videochats that help facilitate conversation and may increase engagement for seniors.  Advantages of these materials include:

  • 150 paired picture stimuli with conversational prompts, designed to easily draw participants into engaging conversations;
  • Easy-to-use format, allowing for those with basic computer skills to utilize the materials during videochat conversations; and
  • Unstructured, diverse and fun prompts that promote a conversational tone and cover topics such as visual arts, pets and animals, early American history, jobs and work, and culture.

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Licensing Opportunity

Materials are available for licensing.


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