Cab Entry and Exit Fall Prevention System

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Technology Description

This device is a mechanical handle retrofitted to the cab. This handle swings out from the driver’s foot-well and impedes entering and exiting the cab in an improper manner by essentially requiring interaction and 3-point contact. It provides an accessible, rigid point of contact. The overall shape of the handle can be adapted to avoid interference with other components within the cab as needed for the cab make and model. There is also a hinge that locks the handle in a “stowed” or “in-use” position. To deploy the device, the driver lifts the handle and rotates it to ‘in-use’ position, where the hinge locks in this position. The handle is stowed in a similar manner. The handle is approximately 1.1 inch in diameter, similar to other handles, and forms an acute angle with the cab. The depth of the handle is such that it blocks the driver footwell almost completely which prevents the driver from bypassing the device. Properly installed and deployed, this device will reduce fall risk and also reduce the risk of injury to the lower back and upper extremities.

Features & Benefits

  • "D" shaped to accommodate varying driver heights and reach
  • Locking hinge for "in-use" and "stowed" positions
  • Position compels driver interaction, it can't be ignored
  • Does not interfere with cab door


  • Ergonomic design to reduce wrist strain
  • Provides easier 3-point contact
  • Reduces accidental injury rate for drivers

Background of Invention

Trucking is a critical component of most business and consumer supply chains in the United States and abroad. Compared to other occupations, truck drivers are seven times more likely to sustain non-fatal injuries, and 30% of those injuries result from falls, slips, and trips, particularly when entering and exiting the truck cab. Injuries to drivers can damage the livelihood of those drivers and slow supply chain logistics, increasing time and costs for all involved. This technology provides a solution to improve safety for drivers as they enter and exit truck cabs.


Available freely for implementation. Contact Prof. John Parmigiani, director of the Prototype Development Lab for details.


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