Novel location, novel object recognition test for use in children and the elderly

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Technology Overview

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Memory Island and Novel Image Novel Location (NINL) are computer-based tests that diagnose the early onset of cognitive decline and dementia, such as that associated with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Testing and diagnosis provided by Memory Island and NINL software are also important in patients who may not yet exhibit obvious symptoms, but have risk factors for the disease, such as age and family history. These tests also provide a quantifiable result for measurement of disease progression or effects of treatment.

These tests are also useful in identifying susceptibility to cognitive impairments from environmental factors. Memory Island and NINL programs have been tested with functional MRI and have demonstrated to be valuable in identifying biomarkers of cognitive function and susceptibility to cognitive impairments.

Memory Island and Novel Image Novel Location provide unique diagnostic tools to help manage care for a disease that is creating a growing burden on healthcare systems and does not have good in-clinic diagnostic products. 

Memory Island and Novel Image Novel Location tests have demonstrated strong correlation with known genetic risk factors for age-related cognitive decline, with the advantage of being a non-invasive test that can be administered in hospital clinics.


Commercial Application

Out-of-pocket expenditures for healthcare are higher for older people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias than for other older people by an average of $1,660 per patient in 1995.


Patient Medicare Costs

  • $13,207 per patient in 2000


Medicare Expenditures

  • $91 billion in 2005

  • $160 billion by 2010, $189 billion by 2015


 US Alzheimer’s Cases

  • 1 in 68 individuals

  • 4 million

  • 11-16 million by 2050


Nearly 18 million people with dementia worldwide. By 2025, estimates indicate 34 million people with dementia worldwide.


Licensing Opportunity
Technologies 1190 and 1191 are available for licensing.


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