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The Spelled and Spoken Words corpus consists of spelled and spoken words. 3647 callers were prompted to say and spell their first and last names, to say what city they grew up in and what city they were calling from, and to answer two yes/no questions. In order to collect sufficient instances of each letter, about 1000 callers also recited the English alphabet with pauses between the letters. Each call was transcribed by two people, and all differences were resolved. In addition, a subset of the calls has been phonetically labeled.


Recording Conditions:
Each subject called the CSLU data collection system by dialing a toll-free number. An analog telephone line was connected to a Gradient Technologies box. Data from incoming calls were recorded by the Gradient box. The sampling rate was 8khz and the files were stored in 16-bit linear format on a UNIX file system. Each utterance was recorded as a separate file.

Subject Population:
A press release describing our research project and the need for volunteers produced newspaper, radio and television coverage. In addition, we posted requests for callers on several university bulletin boards and national computer news groups.

Each file in the corpus was listened to and transcribed by two transcribers. Any differences between the two transcribers' transcriptions were examined and resolved.

Some of the utterances were phonetically transcribed using a TIMIT-like phonetic alphabet. The transcription followed conventions that provided the ground work for the more elaborate conventions described in The CSLU Labeling Guide.

Cole, R. A., M. Fanty and K. Roginski, "A Telephone Speech Database of Spelled and Spoken Names" , Proceedings of the International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, Banff, Alberta, Oct. 12-16, pp. 891-893, (1992).

The Center for Spoken Language Understanding (CSLU) distributes corpora to commercial entities and academic institutions for a fee. Commercial entities can use these corpora for research but also for creating commercial products such as generating acoustic models for speech recognition.


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