Hybrid Silicon-Transparent Conductive Oxide Multiplexing Optical Transmitters

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Technology Description

This device is a wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmitter that boasts high speed, energy efficiency, and thermal free optical tuning that can be used for large scale optical connects within data centers. This technology uses hybrid silicon-transparent conductive oxide (Si-TCO) devices, especially micro-ring resonators with unprecedented E-O tunability and energy efficiency for large-scale on-chip wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical interconnects.

Features & Benefits

  • High E-O modulation efficiency
  • Fast and energy efficient
  • Fast Wavelength tuning


  • WDM transmission
  • High bandwidth data transmission
  • Optical networks and data centers

Background of Invention

Large-scale to extreme-scale parallel optical interconnects hold the key to resolve the grand challenge of bandwidth demand between on-chip cores and within multi-chip modules in the decade to come. Silicon photonics, which is the most available integrated photonic platform, must excel in energy efficiency and bandwidth density in order to meet the stringent requirement of extreme-scale photonic interconnects. Unfortunately, silicon lacks meaningful Pockel effect and the free-carrier-induced plasma dispersion effect is also limited. This technology overcomes these challenges with a hybrid architecture integrating silicon and transparent conductive oxide materials.


Patent pending


Simulated E-O tenability and Q-factor.

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