Leachate Treatment System and Method

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Technology Description


This leachate treatment system is a modular system with multiple treatment modules that can remove solids, organics, metals, and nitrogen compounds. The materials, including combustible organics, purified metals, and ammonia, can be recovered for added value. The system is also capable of successfully and dynamically treating a wastewater stream of changing composition, allowing each of the modules to be independently regulated. The cost of treatment is a fraction of pumping or trucking off-site for treatment, and the system can successfully remove most contaminants to discharge standards.


Features & Benefits

  • Modular and mobile
  • Extract valuable resources
  • Weather independent




  • Treatment of landfill leachate
  • Mining run-off
  • Any metal-contaminated wastewater


Background of Invention


Leachate creates major problems for municipal solid waste landfills creating significant threats to surface and groundwater. A common practice in controlling leachate generation is to control the quantity of water entering the landfill through waste compaction to reduce the infiltration rate. The composition of landfill leachate differs depending on the type of solid waste, climate, season, and duration of storage. The variety of contaminants creates significant challenges to selecting the appropriate wastewater treatment technology, often forcing operators to pump or transport wastewater to a treatment facility. This technology provides a robust and cost effective solution for variable and dynamics wastewater streams.




Patent pending; seeking development partner


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