A Method For Extraction And Purification Of Chlorophylls For Large Scale Isolation From Spinach By Counter Current Chromatography

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This technology licensing opportunity provides improved methods for manufacturing and producing highly pure chlorophyll at high yields, from a variety of sources. Sources of chlorophyll useful with the patented methods include Spirulina pacifica, algae, spinach and alfalfa. The high yields and variety of sources provide a low cost way to manufacture a desirable chlorophyll product. If your company is looking for a way to distinguish its chlorophyll products from competitors, then please consider contacting Oregon State University to inquire about this licensing opportunity.


Background of Invention


Chlorophyll is a green pigment that contributes to the healthy buzz around leafy green vegetables. Its unique nutritional and potent antioxidant properties have elevated chlorophyll to superfood status, making chlorophyll an attractive dietary supplement. As a supplement, chlorophyll commonly comes in liquid and tablet forms, and many people use chlorophyll supplements for a myriad of benefits. While researching new pharmaceutical formulations and treatments, Oregon State University researchers developed new methods for producing chlorophyll that provide an opportunity to bring a high quality chlorophyll to market.





  • Dietary supplements


Features & Benefits


  • Estimated purity greater than 95% provides a high quality chlorophyll
  • High yields provide a low cost method of production





Issued Patent US 7,947,827  This technology is available for licensing.

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