Membrane Heat and Mass Exchanger

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Technology Description

The technology is a parallel membrane gas-to-gas heat and mass exchanger (HMX). The HMX is composed of multiple flat, thin, stacked membrane layers that are not capable of self-support over long spans. An adhesive is used to provide support and separation between membrane layers while an external frame provides structural support for the HMX. The adhesive is applied in parallel, continuous lines along the membrane surface. An innovative tacky adhesive is used that produces a reasonable strength bond upon contact. While the HMX membrane layers are not self-supporting, the structure is economical, high performing and can be integrated into a variety of form factors, including walls, HVAC ducting, air conduits, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Adhesive blocks a minimal amount of open membrane
  • Low cost to manufacture
  • Fast, effective bonding on contact


  • Home/commercial ventilation
  • Air conditioning

Background of Invention

This invention aims to create a more cost effective and better performing membrane by using mini channel flow paths and novel additive manufacturing techniques. Currently, large amounts of energy are wasted when conditioned air in buildings is exhausted to meet ventilation requirements. There are a number of technologies that address this issue and aim to recover the energy. Recently, membrane based energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) have been developed. However, they are limited by high manufacturing costs and low volumetric efficiency. This invention aims to mitigate these issues.


Patent pending, seeking development partner




Example of adhesive pattern (grey) on one layer of membrane. 

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