Low Noise Rumble Strip Design

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This rumble strip design provide adequate feedback to drivers to alert them of lane departures while also significantly reducing noise generation when compared to other designs. The sawtooth feature is characterized by an asymmetric shape with a gentle slope up the backside, over a curved top, and down a steeper front face, akin to a cliff face. This is in contrast to conventional rumble strips which tend to be shaped in the pattern of symmetric angular depressions, regular symmetric cylindrical depressions, or symmetric sinusoidal curves. Compared to these existing rumble strip designs, this design produces less nuisance noise above the background of vehicles traveling on smooth pavement. It can also be rolled, milled, or formed into the road surface with existing technology for making rumble strips.


Features & Benefits


  • Lower noise
  • Conventional installation
  • Same driver feedback




  • Hazardous roads
  • Construction zones
  • Road safety


Background of Invention


Rumble strip devices provide audible and tactile signals to distracted drivers to avoid lane departures which might lead to fatal accidents. Depending on the type of rumble strip device, composition of the road surface, and the speed of the vehicles on the roadway, the noise generated by rumble strips can become a nuisance for people and wildlife in the vicinity of the roadway. Road noise presents a problem in urban zones and many studies indicate that this noise adversely affects humans and wildlife. Although there are a number of designs available, there still remains a need for a rumble strip that provides the necessary vibrational and audible feedback to alert drivers while also minimizing the generation of nuisance noise.




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