Hybrid Power and Cooling System

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Technology Description


The hybrid system incorporates novel heat activated cooling technologies to provide systems that operate with higher efficiencies and/or reduced fuel requirements. The system is capable of using both a power source and waste heat in order to generate power and cooling. In one application, the hybrid power/cooling arrangement can be applied to ECUs, allowing for recovery and use of waste heat. The system can include a cooling system that absorbs and removes heat from a space and an expander coupled to a heat source. This combination allows the system to simultaneously generate power, recover heat and provide cooling to a space.


Features & Benefits


  • Improved efficiency
  • Power generation capabilities
  • Greater operational flexibility
  • Compact size




  • Climate control in remote shelters
  • Waste heat recovery from ICEs
  • Solar or geothermal energy sources
  • Improving existing HVAC systems


Background of Invention


Heating and cooling systems are often powered by generators that waste heat energy, among other inefficiencies. For example, environmental control units (or ECUs) are powered by diesel generators, and are used to control temperature in shelters that experience a wide variety of conditions, such as military troop shelters. These generators can be very inefficient, which is costly in terms of both money and resources. In order to remedy this inefficiency, researchers at Oregon State University have developed a hybrid power and cooling system that can provide more efficient waste heat recovery, power generation and space cooling.






Provisional Patent Application No. 62/127,707; A prototype has been built and tested; available for licensing


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