Micromixer for Nanomaterial Production

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Technology Description


This microreactor will mix the reactants in a micro-scale mixer, because of the better heat and mass transfer in it. There are many variations of micromixer devices that one could make. For example, the device could have one fluid inlet channel or multiple fluid inlet channels. There could be multiple pathways that vary in width or length, connecting or splitting the length of the channel. In a specific section of the pathway, there could be at least four laminae with a certain number of micromixer devices. Then there are the pumps that could produce forward or reverse sinusoidal flow. Basically, the possibilities are endless and one could make any device that fits their need. Depending on what the person wants to mix and how they want to go about it, the micromixers can be assembled to their liking.


Features & Benefits


  • Broad applications
  • Efficient
  • Improved product consistency




  • Nanomaterial Production


Background of Invention


Microchanneling processing technology is proving to have its advantages over regular batch processing technology. Normally, the mixing of fluids have been in large quantities that require a lot of space and material. With the use of micromixtures and microscopic material, companies can lower production costs. Other benefits include “safer operations, improved selectivity, reduced energy consumption and better process control. This invention, made with the support of the Army Research Office, hopes to improve production rates through the process of mixing fluids.






The patent provides proof of the concept through diagrams and schematics of a variety of micromixture structures. The images also provide measurements as well as analysis on the fluid flow.


Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Micromixers for Nanomaterial Production US Non-provisional United States 12/414,597 8,414,182 3/30/2009 4/9/2013 9/16/2031 Issued
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