Radiation Detector for Simultaneous Spectroscopy of Beta Rays and Gamma Rays

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Technology Description


This innovation is a radiation detecting device that can simultaneously analyze both Beta and Gamma rays. This is accomplished by using two Beta sensitive elements (called scintillators) and one Gamma scintillator. The scintillators are selected so that they are sensitive to different radiation types and have different decay times. A particular type of radiation incident on the device will most likely interact with the corresponding scintillation layer and produce a photomultiplier pulse with a characteristic shape. The type of radiation can be determined by analyzing the shape of the output pulse from the scintillation layer. A beta incident will occur only from the first scintillator, or the first and second, while a gamma incident will only originate from the third scintillator. This system of distinction allows for radiation events to be more accurately identified and categorized based on the type of incident that occurred.


Features & Benefits


  • A single device can analyze the two types of rays separately at the same time
  • It is more accurate than other methods




  • Nuclear power plants
  • Environmental assessment
  • Dose assessment & risk analysis


Background of Invention


Spectroscopy is used in chemistry as a method to evaluate atoms and molecules. The process was originally developed with the use of electromagnetic radiation, which has proved to be the most effective method. Current technologies struggle to differentiate between beta and gamma radiation because of the difficulty of preventing designated scintillators from interacting with other radiation types. Existing solutions to this issue typically involve the use of multiple detector units or staggered timing that cannot effectively detect different types accurately with one machine. This technology allows for the simultaneous spectroscopy of multiple types of radiation, allowing researchers to more efficiently and effectively conduct testing on molecular structures and materials of interest.





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Simultaneous Beta and Gamma Spectroscopy US Non-provisional United States 12/221,675 7,683,334 8/4/2008 3/23/2010 3/23/2022 Abandoned
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