Dental crown coating to reduce Ion-leakage.

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A method and composition to coat dental crowns, orthodontic brackets and wires, and orthopedic wires, pins, screws, and plates for reduced ion leakage, reduced sensitivity, and, in the mouth, esthetic improvement of stainless steel devices.

Stainless steel dental and orthopedic devices contain nickel (Ni) and, while stainless alloy dental crowns and other devices provide a stable product for the tooth, the Ni ion release over time may cause lymphocytic reactivity leading to various major health issues, especially in children 

Technology Overview:  Thin film layers of the coating containing pigment particles are applied at a thickness of 15-250 nm by atomic layer deposition.

Potential Benefits: This process can be used to esthetically coat all of the alloys used in the oral cavity including orthodontic wires, orthodontic brackets, denture clasps, denture frameworks, crowns, implants, and inlays. In the area of orthopaedics, the coating would enhance the ability of the orthopaedic screws, pins, and braces to resist wear and corrosion. Additionally, the coating will reduce nickel ion release and resulting sensitivity.

Patents:  US utility patent 8,124,180 issued 02/28/2012 “Thin layer substrate coating and method of forming same” Method to coat dental and orthopaedic devices with a thin layer of pigment particles to prevent or reduce ion leakage and improve aesthetic appearances.

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